Former Russian prisoner accused of raping girl, convicted of murder, becomes soldier, teaches patriotism in schools

The Duma approves a bill exempting conscripted or contract soldiers from any criminal liability

Nikita Semyanov, a 35-year-old soldier, was invited to teach the children patriotism and was a member of the jury to judge their poems in tribute to Russia. He joined the Russian army while serving a nine-year sentence for murder. He was accused by many of his childhood of sexual abuse and physical assault, which did not stop him from participating in these events organized in schools.

Holod told media that his ex-wife Polina strangled her father in April 2021 after Nikita Semyanov visited the school where he was awarded “Hero of Russia”. In May of the same year, the body of Alexander Makarenko was discovered and suspicion quickly turned on the accused Semyanov. He confessed to murdering his stepfather, explaining that he killed him after an argument over a plastic bag and wire. He then buried his body. He was convicted in May 2022 and sentenced to nine years in prison. A few months later, he volunteered for the army and traded his cell for the Ukrainian front. Wounded, he finally returned to his hometown of Novosibirsk as a “free man”.

War in Ukraine: Russian criminals return to society after fighting at the front

Nikita Semyanov was accused by many women of being a child predator. “Now this animal wanders into schools and smokes your children”, a girl named Ulyana alleges that he abused several teenage girls between the ages of 12 and 15. These young women were students of Semiano who gave guitar lessons. Ulyana explains that she was threatened by Nikita Semyanov. “He pushed me into the doghouse and started threatening me: either I'll give him oral sex or he'll strangle me and bury me, and no one will find me because the house belongs to him.“, she says. His ex-wife also explains that their relationship began when he was a minor. “I met Nikita when I was 10 years old. He worked in my school. We slept together when I was 13 and I moved in with him when I was 15. I gave birth at 17 and we divorced when I was 18”, she declares.

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According to Ukrainian intelligence, “the Russian army is now using the same combat tactics as the Wagner Group”

Many witnesses say that Nikita Semyanov would make violent comments and behavior towards his daughter and his new wife. The latter found child pornography on Semiano's computer. The girl is currently under the care of Nikita Semyanov's parents.

The Maveerar Sangam, which organizes these meetings between soldiers and students, has revealed the controversy. “The Defenders of the Fatherland Foundation sends us the contact details of the players. […] As for atrocities and accusations, there is a tragic family history that has nothing to do with the Knights. We organize meetings with many players.” Nikita Semyanov spoke to Holod and refused to comment on these revelations and accused his ex-wife of “abandoning a five-month-old child and disappearing for ten years”.

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