Morocco is better than Algeria

The Moroccan government’s immediate response after the devastating September 8 earthquake, which left nearly 3,000 people dead and more than 5,500 injured, has allowed the country to return to normal and begin the urgent reconstruction of the worst-hit areas, the research institute said. “Morocco’s action in terms of security, crisis and emergency management lived up to Western standards: transparency of information inside and outside the country, professionalization of the response,” said Jesús Sánchez Lambás, Vice President of Coordenadas.

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According to the official, Morocco’s response to the devastating earthquake “could be described as exemplary.” In addition to the assistance of public and private companies, NGOs and various countries, including Spain, the Moroccan authorities announced the creation of a special fund to manage the consequences of the earthquake, which has already received a billion dollars. ‘Euros. “King Mohammed VI himself coordinated the action on the ground by the armed forces and emergency services and chaired a meeting that examined the plan to rehabilitate victims and rebuild the most affected areas quickly and safely,” the agency explains.

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According to Coordenadas, Algeria did not respond as quickly and effectively as Morocco after the May 21, 2003 earthquake in the Boumerdès region. “Comparing the reactions of the Moroccan and Algerian authorities to these disasters reveals major differences due to international relations, the critical political situation in Algeria and the serious accusations the Algerian authorities received from their fellow citizens. Recalling that the 6.8 earthquake that struck Boumerdes killed 2,266 people and injured more than 10,000,” the agency comments.

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The agency notes that Algeria has faced integration difficulties since the disaster. “The Algerian authorities were overwhelmed. A lack of coordination was evident at all levels and the response to victims was inadequate. Shortcomings were noted in the speed and efficiency of the initial response, as well as the coordination and distribution of resources. The limited capacity to provide assistance and adequate temporary housing to victims, especially in the hardest-hit areas, was also criticized. Communicating and disseminating accurate information was problematic,” noted the coordinator.

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