Former Gucci Mane rapper dies at 26, sends tributes

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He died at the age of 26…

Gucci Mane pays respect

sorcerer – The Texas-born rapper who was once First Lady Gucci mane1017 Chronicles – He died suddenly this week… leaving him completely devastated.

On his IG, Gucci Pic posted From Magic with the sad caption… “So sad to say in peace to such a great young lady a true star we are all gone miss you chant 😢 💔”

Many other hip-hop artists — Erica Banks, Lycian, Omerita, Glitter And more – they also paid their respects to their colleague afterwards Lil CG Casinoan artist manager from Fort Worth, confirmed the news on IG while recalling the tracks she laid down in his studio.

The cause of death was not revealed, but CJ said the family had taken her off life support after she lost consciousness the day before.

Enchanting’s sister has been working tirelessly to combat rumors of an untimely death, but she eventually also confirmed the news with a sad photo of them in happier times.

Enchanting signed with Gucci in 2020 and collaborated with all of the label’s top acts before parting ways in 2022… including Buh shesty, Fujianu And the late one Big Scarwhich was particularly close to him.

There’s been some chatter about Gucci artists getting into trouble — or in this case, losing their lives — and while there’s been a little bit of backlash/dialogue about it, his wife has come to his defense… saying he’s simply signing people in hopes of giving them a better life .

She was 26 years old.

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