“For Putin, Ukraine’s membership in the EU will be more serious than NATO.”

The re-enactment of EU membership by Ukraine on Monday requires a unanimous agreement of 27 member states and differing views and sentiments on the matter. As confirmed by Philippe Lambertz, one of the most influential Belgians in the European Parliament, this is a very delicate matter.

Philip Lamberts, co-chair of the Green Committee in the MEP and the European Parliament, was the guest of honor at Fabrice Crossfill on Tuesday morning. He spoke of the war in Ukraine, and “Putin calculated sanctions and integrated it into his political calculations by launching his offensive. (These restrictions), It’s not going to stop him today“.

The President of Ukraine on Monday signed an official application to join the European Union. What shall we answer him?

“Today, there are procedures for applying for membership in the European Union, and the process is long.

There was a warm and supportive welcome from Ursula van der Leyen, the head of the commission. You show a little more sobriety …

“I think we need to reaffirm the European perspective on Ukraine. If the Ukrainians, the people closest to the Russian people, take this direction, it could lead to a desire for more Russian citizens, and it would threaten power. ‘We must have an expedited procedure’ (and it is not, author’s note)President Zhelensky asks that accepting this request is not very good on our part.

So we follow the standard procedure, which is for many years, which must comply with the rules related to the rule of law, separation of powers, etc.?

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“Yes, it is obvious that there is still tremendous progress on the Ukraine side.”

Is it right for the EU to arm the Ukrainians? This is a paradigm shift …

“Yes, this is a paradigm shift. I think it is right for the EU to do everything without resorting to armed intervention. (Armed with Ukrainians) This is not entirely like sending warplanes, it would be tantamount to engaging in an armed conflict with nuclear (…) and I think Vladimir Putin could use nuclear weapons.

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