Finder of young Alex Patty, missing for six years, testifies: “I didn’t believe it at first”

Alex Patty, a young teenager who went missing in 2017 when he was 11 years old, was found this week after living in a spiritual community on the run from his mother.

Finding himself on a small road in an Audi, he crosses paths with Fabian Assidini, an occasional delivery driver who helps him. This Sunday, the young man returned to this incredible encounter: “I told myself that he was coming back from an evening walk between two villages. But it is clear that finding him in the middle of the night and in the rain is not normal. So obviously, I told myself he needed help.

But the local didn’t expect what the young man was going to tell him:When he told me he was kidnapped, I asked him to repeat it because it sounded crazy, and I didn’t believe it at first.

Surprisingly, young Alex Patty doesn’t seem fazed by his six-year estrangement from his family: “We laughed, we listened to music, it was a normal situation, I actually hit someone,” continued Fabian Assidini, “except that he didn’t do anything. .”

The delivery driver, Fabian Assidini, believes that Alex Patti helped him work by carrying the pharmacy bins he had to deliver. “I feel it as I go, but I’m glad I was able to help him, he can turn his life around and live his life as a young man at his age,” he concluded. .

On Saturday evening, Alex Patty returned to England, where he found his grandmother.

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