Facing the judges, Nicolas Sarkozy fights like a handsome devil

A former French president who was convicted on corruption charges in the wiretapping case has appealed to the Court of Cassation. There is no question of dropping a crumb in this matter as in others.

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I amHe promised and did. Stubborn, the former French president will see his legal battle to the end. Nicolas Sarkozy appealed to the court after being sentenced to three years in prison on appeal, one of which was confirmed, in the wiretapping case. “Nicolas Sarkozy is innocent of the charges against him,” his lawyer responded, speaking of the “shocking” decision. “We will not give up this fight, it is a just fight especially in the face of an unjust and unfair decision”. Meanwhile, Nicolas Sarkozy is presumed innocent, which he proclaims loud and clear. During his trial, he “defended his disgraced honor” and swore he had “never corrupted anyone”.

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