‘Extreme Weight Loss’ star Brandi Mallory’s final days: ‘I can’t lose!’


Brandi Mallory, the “Extreme Weight Loss” star who died unexpectedly last week, lived a public life in which she used her platform to inspire others to be the best versions of themselves.

The 40-year-old makeup artist lives in the Atlanta, Georgia, area and leads dance fitness classes in the community.

Mallory appeared on “EWL” in 2014 in the fourth season of the ABC show. She lost more than 150 pounds during her time on the reality show, earning her the nickname “Miss Extreme Weight Loss.”

Lately, Mallory has been very active Instagram She posted everything from motivational quotes to dance workouts, outfits of the day, and videos of herself speaking to the camera about various topics.

But on November 9, Mallory was found dead in her car in a mall parking lot after eating at a Chipotle restaurant the day before.

Let’s take a look at Mallory’s social media activity in her final days.

Mallory died on November 9 at the age of 40.

October 31

Just over a week before her death, Mallory got into the Halloween spirit with a DIY project that made new pieces of paper look old and spooky.

“My department’s inaugural event was a huge success!!! Here’s to tea on how to make my paper look old! For me, it’s all in the details Instagram video To herself as she poured bagged tea into an aluminum bowl to smear it.

“Fresh tea would have been better, but cold tea works too. It just has to steep a little longer! When it’s done, it looks old! Then I burned it bc that witch spell book had some moments!”

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Mallory used bottled tea to dye pieces of paper for a business function.

She concluded by saying: “Will you try this? Let me know what you think in the comments!”

November 2

Mallory sang a cover of SZA’s “Snooze” on her second single ever Instagram share On November 2nd.

“The best question someone has ever asked me is ‘Do you think you can do it’?!” she captioned video footage of herself looking at a club with bright, colorful lights bouncing around the frame.

Mallory sounded confident in a motivational Instagram post on November 2.

“My answer: ‘I can’t lose…I just win!'” she added, including a photo of herself in front of a Mercedes G-Wagon.

Mallory concluded, “I’m learning lessons, gaining experiences, and most importantly, I’m growing! Pruning is a necessary step in the growth process, so embrace the absorption! I believe I can do anything I truly want to do, which puts me at least five steps ahead Forward.

November 3

Mallory Latest post on Instagram It was uploaded just six days before she was found dead in her car after eating at an Atlanta-area Chipotle restaurant.

An Atlanta-area makeup artist was disappointed with an apple she bought at a farmers market.

In a video, the body-positive motivational speaker tested out a Lucy Rose apple she picked up at the farmers market.

She was not optimistic when she found that the inside of the apple was not naturally red as it was supposed to be.

“They lied on this application…this apple did not meet the standards!” she captioned the post.

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