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Extraction comes Infinite aura In season 5!

Let us re-introduce you to the Asset Recovery game mode, the rules of engagement that will lead your team to victory, and the variants of the different modes you will be playing.


Extraction is an objective-based game mode introduced to aura More than a decade ago in Halo 4, where Spartan teams are tasked with asset recovery. in Halo 4,Players used the Quantify tool to set slip boxes for extraction. in Infinite auraThis beloved mod has a new coat of paint with the latest UNSC technology and personal AI.

The situation goes as follows:

  • A neutral extraction site appears on the map, where players must enter the site and plant their extraction device (all players have one) within a radius to start the extraction process.
  • Once an extraction device is planted, it becomes owned by that player and their team, and a timer will start counting down to extraction.
  • Enemy players can interrupt the extraction process, and even turn it over to their team by interacting with the extraction device.
  • If the opposing team successfully turns the extraction device, the countdown timer will reset and the battle will continue for that location until the extraction is successful.
  • Any team that successfully completes the extraction earns a point, after which a new neutral extraction site will appear elsewhere on the map.

Simply put: players must deploy and protect extraction sites in different locations on the map to score points, and the team with the most points wins.

Spartan multiplayer playing Extraction in Halo Infinite.


In Season 5, players will be able to try out some different variations of the extraction experience (and they’ll also be able to customize different settings for custom games as well).

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Basic extraction experience with one neutral extraction site appearing at a time until one team scores enough points to win.

There is a difference in Ranked Arena at launch where players appear with one grenade instead of two, the motion tracker is disabled, and friendly fire is enabled.

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