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04/30 update below. This post was originally published on April 27

Apple’s leaks have already revealed what everyone knows is the most shocking change in the iPhone 14 range: Minor redesign. right? wrong. New information reveals that its prices will be…

at special reportMark Gorman, a distinguished Apple expert at Bloomberg, reports that Apple’s decision to replace the iPhone 13 mini with the iPhone 13 Max is likely to lead to a price increase of up to $300.

Update 04/29: And now we know exactly what the new iPhone 14 Max and the rest of the iPhone 14 lineup will look like. Thanks to a major supply chain leak on a popular Chinese website, Weibo – historically the home of component leaks – (via creator Saran ByteWe can now see the actual front panels of all four models for the first time. Interestingly, the fragments emphasize many details that have been strongly directed:

  • iPhone 14 Pro models will have Thinner, symmetrical positions
  • Pro models seem to be a bit taller than non-professional models More Rounded Angles
  • The iPhone 14 Max actually replaces the iPhone 13 Mini – and aside from the aspect ratio margins – it’s about the same size as the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Standard models retain the notch while both iPhone 14 Pros have polarization New i-shaped cutout.

Aligning the actual parts (a regular trend at this time each year as Apple ramps up mass production), also adds substance to leaks about new models’ internals. However, this is not necessarily good news. Notably, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max are expected to run on a previous-generation chipset (Apple uses the 2021 A15 Bionic also in the iPhone SE at $429) for the first time, while the recently leaked price hike (below) It seems more likely.

Update 04/30: The iPhone 14 front panel leak verification from industry-informed and increasingly influential company ShrimpApplePro has now arrived.

Talk to popular YouTuber John Prosser on his site FrontPageTech Show, the leaker broke things up with Prosser’s report: “Yeah, that’s true…as for why we’re seeing these now, ok [ShrimpApplePro] He says mass production could start as early as next month. So what you’re seeing is still technically in the development stage but we’re just around the corner making this on a large scale. ”

While Prosser has already made its name out over the past 18 months through a series of high-profile Apple and Google leaks, ShrimpApplePro has been making waves recently after the leaked iPhone 14 Pro schematics were the first to reveal a new i-shaped cutout for these models. Its information was contradicted by many other leakers and was initially treated with skepticism, but after a flurry of free leaks from other sources, all major insiders now agree that this is the iPhone 14 Pro design chosen by Apple.

As such, a hint of ShrimpApplePro is as good as the iPhone leaks in 2022 and highlights Apple’s plan to widen the design, feature, and performance gaps between Pro and non-Pro going forward. It’s a risky strategy that risks alienating fans during a period of global belt-tightening, but Apple rarely gets its product strategy wrong.

“So, for the first time, the non-Pro iPhone line will get a 6.7-inch screen option,” explains Gurman. “…users will now be able to get Apple’s biggest iPhone for at least $200 less than before.”

In other words: the iPhone 14 Max will be about $200 cheaper than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Now let’s break this down. Currently, the iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at $1,099, which will cost the iPhone 14 Max at $899 — a $200 increase over the $699 iPhone 13 Mini it replaces. But not so fast.

Several leaks have claimed that rising component costs and Apple’s intention to differentiate between Pro and non-Pro iPhones, will see the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max increase to $1,099 and $1,199, respectively. That $200 gap will now likely push the iPhone 14 Max to $999 — $300 more than the iPhone 13 Mini.

And that’s just the beginning because, Gorman points out, the standard iPhone 14 models will share far fewer Pro features than they did in previous generations. Among the features he claims you will miss are:

All of which presents Apple fans with something of a puzzle: How important is size?

Poor sales of the iPhone 13 Mini once again showed that big screens are what users really want, so the affordable iPhone 14 Pro Max should fit the bill perfectly. But if the iPhone 14 Max costs around $1,000 and only $100 gets the iPhone 14 Pro, which features a superior design, upgraded camera, next-generation performance, and 120Hz ProMotion display, the reaction could be very different.

give users What do they want but not How do they want it, is an Apple specialty. And it looks like the iPhone 14 range will be no different.


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