“Even if the West made a big mistake, I don't think Russia can win this war in Ukraine because it's already lost.”

It's not about us, it's about us”, explains Bernard Guetta, MEP. “No matter how amazingly brave the Ukrainians are: if they don't have weapons, they can't fight.“”If we are not there, Ukrainians will no longer be able to defend themselves”, he continues.

“In Russia, the name of a city is circulating more and more. It will be Vladimir Putin's final goal in Ukraine.

Bernard Gutta also mentionsA big mistake“Made by Westerners:”In the spring of 2022, when Ukraine succeeds in driving out the Russians, we should have massively provided weapons to drive Russian troops out of their territory.”.

Regarding a possible victory for Russia, Bernard Gutta continues: “I don't think Russia can win this war because they already lost it”. According to the MEP, Vladimir Putin thought he would win the war in three days. Two years later,It controls 17.5% of the land area”.

According to Putin, what happens in Ukraine is a question of life and death for Russia.

Maxime Binet and his guest then returned to the European defense. Can Europe defend itself? “Of course not”, says Bernard Gutta. “Today we have no common security”. He notes that it will be an issue of propaganda and the next European mandate.

The EU of the 21st century will no longer be the EU of the 20th century.”, he concludes.

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