Eric Jemmore refuses to call Elizabeth Bourne “Prime Minister”, while rebel France calls her “Macron’s interested student”.

Eric Zemmour, Reconquête! The party leader returned to RTL’s microphone on Tuesday morning to discuss the appointment of Elizabeth Bourne as prime minister. The former presidential candidate has also turned down the PM’s job.

“Welcome to the new Prime Minister” , He declared. When asked by a journalist why he chose masculinity, Eric Zemmer responds: “Prime Minister, this is ugly to the ear, French, it must be beautiful above all else.” .

Leader of the Restoration! He was highly critical of the president’s election, calling it a “political conspiracy” by Emmanuel Macron. “I’m not disappointed. Again, he’s in control of everything, appointing a technician like Jean Costex as prime minister. This is a classic Emmanuel Macron.”

Other critics fall for the PM

Notice the other personalities criticizing Elizabeth Bourne this Tuesday morning. Adrien Quatennens, a deputy and co-ordinator of the La France insoumise party, overcame a 61-year-old woman on the antenna in Franின்ois: “She’s good to be a woman, but you’ll see what she’s politically simulating. This is another name for the social stigma and ecological irresponsibility that emulated by Emmanuel Macron.” . Also add a close friend of Jean-Luc Mélenchon: “We owe him the opening of the SNCF for competition, the end of regulated gas prices, the reform of unemployment insurance, and the dismissal of Anthony Smith, a labor analyst who protested against the lack of workers’ masks during the Govt.

“It is not enough to have a CV to describe yourself politically, there are balances and motives, he is an ardent student of Emmanuel Macron” Adrien Quatennens concludes.

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Julien Bayou (Europe Ecologie Les Verts), National Secretary of EELV, is also on the French Inter’s microphone for her critique. If he recognized it“Again a female Prime Minister, this is a new good signal”He later said it was “The only reason for satisfaction”. Before supporting his attack: “Elizabeth Bourne’s achievement in social matters is the achievement of a right – wing woman. Nothing was expected from this Prime Minister.”. Regarding the promise of Elizabeth Bourne’s appointment on ecological grounds, Julian Beau responded: “Do not be fooled by words”.

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