Emily’s Disappearance: “The investigation could take years, going from missing child to kidnapped child! The crime scene is across the village”

In view of “The complexity of the case, Almost two weeks ago, a judicial inquiry was launched to find out the reasons for Emil’s disappearance. Two trial judges were impounded.

A change was not small when the unprecedented sweeps organized in France failed.

At first, the prosecutor declared that it was not relevant to initiate a judicial inquiry, but he finally changed his mind on Tuesday. In the case of the little email, the legal route was opened “Look for reasons for puzzling disappearances”. “As they are two judges it will be a priority for them”, Jacques Fombon, General of the Gendarmerie, former commander of the Orléans research unit, explained to BFM TV.

Emil’s passing: A reunion may take place with family members gathered at the grandparents

For Gendarmerie General Jacques Fombonne, if a judicial investigation has been launched, it is also because “The investigation will last for several years. gold,”Nobody in the prosecutor’s office can conduct a criminal investigation for weeks, months or years, unfortunately there is no concrete evidence in the context of the disappearance of children.s”, worried the general of the gendarmerie.

Last Saturday the search to find little Emile, who disappeared in the hamlet of HautVernet, entered a very technical phase, Jacques-Charles Fombon, the former commander of the National Training Center for the Judicial Police of the Gendarmerie, was already surprised. Nothing has been given yet…

The crime scene is the entire village. We feel that this investigation has shifted from a missing child trail to an abducted child trail.“, crypts Jacques-Charles Fombonne, former commander of the National Training Center for the Judicial Police of the Gendarmerie. Sending MIDI.

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In this place where everyone knows each other, the trail of a sex predator is definitely being investigated, but it seems implausible.“, says the former commander.

Emily’s Disappearance: Child Trafficking, Media, Pedophiles… How Conspirators and Charlatans Prowl

Part of the hypothesis is that the child may have been hit by a vehicle and his body may have been hidden somewhere to hide the tragedy. But here too, it comes against the campus configuration in this hamlet where everyone knows each other. The absence of tracks or debris on the road does not allow this hypothesis to be favoured.

I find it very puzzling that Saint-Hubert dogs don’t have a strong sense of smell. Because these dogs always give good results“, added Jacques-Charles Fombon.

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