Helldivers 2 PC is bombing due to PSN requirements

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Another week, another embarrassing gaming episode. Following the over-the-top “censorship” controversy in Stellar Blade, players on Steam have review-bombed one of the biggest hit games of the year: Helldivers 2. As previously reported, developer Arrowhead is implementing a PSN login requirement in the coming weeks, which has been reported Before release but not implemented due to technical issues. She also indicated in a statement that “the grace period will now end.”

Of course, this is not an uncommon practice at all – especially for cross-play titles. For example, this author had to create a 2K Sports account to play TopSpin 2K25 recently, while Microsoft requires you to log in to its services to play Minecraft. Although it can undoubtedly be annoying – especially when servers are down or websites have poor user experiences – creating an account generally only takes five minutes at most. It should be noted that no money needs to be exchanged here: PSN accounts are free.

Sony clearly wants to capitalize on the extraordinary success of Helldivers 2 on PC by adding these players to its monthly active users, but there are also potential benefits here: Ghost of Tsushima, for example, will add a PSN overlay on PC, Allowing players to earn prizes and connect with friends outside the PlayStation console ecosystem. We suspect something similar could be achieved with Helldivers 2.

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But that didn’t stop the game from attracting more than 60,000 negative comments in less than 24 hours, bringing the game’s very positive rating down. said simply the bemused studio CEO, clearly devastated by the backlash Twitter: “Sorry everyone for how this all turned out. I hope we can make up for it and regain trust by providing a continued great gaming experience. I just want to make great games!”

In our opinion, this is one of the most overrated gaming controversies in a long time. While there some Legitimate concerns, such as PSN not being available on all All over the world, they are actually not legislating the petty and disruptive backlash. We suppose it’s a testament to the overall success of Helldivers 2 that it has attracted this level of criticism – and frankly, it’s worth noting that the title Still It peaked with over 100,000 players overnight. So much for boycott, right?

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