War in Ukraine: IAEA denies rumours, assures water from dam cools reactors at nuclear power plant

The head of Ukrainian operator Ukraidronerko Igor Sirota explained that the water level, which is “below the critical 12.7 meters”, is not enough to supply “the basins of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant” for cooling operations.

After the inspection, the UN body responded in a press release that “even if the 12.7 meter threshold falls below, pumping operations can continue.”

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Earlier this week, IAEA chief Raffaele Croci said a large cooling pond near the site “is currently full and has enough reserves to supply the plant with electricity for several months, as six of its reactors have been shut down”.

Verifications are ongoing, he said, but “it is vital that this basin remains intact”. However, Rafael Croci warned during a meeting of the agency’s board of governors in Vienna that “nothing should be done to undermine its integrity”.

Plant staff have already introduced measures to limit water consumption, using it only for “essential nuclear safety-related activities,” he added.

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