Election 2024: How to fill your ballot correctly?

Two days before the election, a clear explanation of the key role of the leader of the list in influencing the election results and the order of candidates on the ballot papers.

Two days before the election, our journalist Marwa Seppahi takes back the importance of the leader of the list and the order of candidates on the ballot.

Head of List”Top the list of bulletins before you this Sunday“He draws attention to the classification process in each list, insisting that it is not due to chance but rather the result of a strategy developed within political parties.

The ranking of candidates occurs when a party has more MPs than its allotted seats, highlighting that this order is important because it affects candidates’ chances of winning a seat in parliament.

Nominal votes allow certain candidates to fill their “mirror,” gain a seat, and cast votes that affect the order of candidates according to the number of votes allocated to each party. Marwa Seppahi thus underlines the critical impact of the line-up of candidates on the ballots, evoking the disillusionment of those who find themselves.At the bottom of the champagne fountain, there are empty glasses. So they don’t get a seat“.

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