War in Ukraine: A Russian plane was destroyed in Belarus, according to exiled opposition

I amThe Belarusian opposition, where he is exiled, said on Sunday that a Russian plane had been destroyed at an airport near Minsk, calling it the “most successful act of sabotage” since the conflict in Ukraine began.

As one of the main advisers of the Belarusian opposition party, Franak Vyagorka, pointed out on Twitter, “Partisans (…) have confirmed the success of a special operation aimed at blowing up a rare Russian aircraft at Machulischi airport near Minsk. , Svetlana Tikhanovkaïa.

Mr. According to Viagorka, “two Belarusians carried out this operation” using drones. They have already left the country and are safe,” he added.

He did not specify which Russian plane was targeted, but said the cost of the plane was 330 million euros. According to media close to the opposition, it was an A-50 surveillance and command aircraft.

“I am proud of all Belarusians who continue to resist the hybrid Russian occupation of Belarus and fight for Ukraine’s independence,” Ms Dikhanovskaya said on Twitter.

These claims could not be verified from independent sources and the Russian military did not immediately react.

Belarus, Moscow’s only European ally against Kiev, did not directly take part in the Russian offensive in Ukraine, but ceded its territory to the initial offensive a year ago.

According to kyiv, Moscow is also using Belarusian airfields to attack Ukraine.

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