Donald Trump lashes out after Elizabeth II’s funeral: “America is no longer respected”

Donald Trump took to his Truth Community site to accuse Joe Biden of failing to pay respects to the US president, who sat in the 14th row at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

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DIn an article published on Monday,

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Donald Trump vents anger at his successor on social networking site Truth Social. “In the real estate market, in politics and in life. It is the most important place! “wrote the former US president.

The news follows Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral at Westminster Abbey on Monday evening, with Joe Biden placed in the 14th row.

“This is what happened to America in two short years. We are no longer respected!”, continued Donald Trump, who was not invited to the ceremony. “If I had been president, they would never have left me behind. Our country would be completely different than it is today. »

The billionaire concluded with a quip: “Anyway, this is a good opportunity for the President to meet with the leaders of Third World countries. As Joe Biden is placed between these two countries, a word implied to Poland and the Czech Republic, explains us. H.L.N.

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