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The editorial staff of Komsomolskaya Pravda, a popular newspaper considered a favorite of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has been plunged into turmoil following the tragic death of its deputy editor-in-chief, Anna Tsareva. A 35-year-old woman’s body was found by her father. An investigation has been initiated.

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This death is not the first in the narrow circle around the Kremlin. Questions hover over many mysterious disappearances. Anna Tsareva spent six years as deputy editor-in-chief of Russia’s most widely circulated Komsomolskaya Pravda, which enjoys particular intimacy with the head of state.

Russian media outlet Baza, renowned for its links to security services, said the young woman explained in a telephone conversation the day before her death that she had suffered from a severe fever. The next day, she was found dead in bed by her father. Local media suggest a respiratory tract infection, leading to cardiac arrest.

No signs of breakage

Tsareva’s apartment showed no signs of break-in, ruling out the hypothesis of a violent death. However, an investigation was initiated.

In a press release, the editorial staff of Komsomolskaya Pravda expressed Anna Tsareva’s tenacity, stressing her refusal to listen to the advice of her colleagues who recommended in-depth medical examinations. “She never tolerated failure and was driven by an indomitable will to persevere. She was a brilliant and unforgettable woman.

This sad event commemorates the mysterious death of Vladimir Tsungorkin, the former director of the newspaper and Anna Tsareva’s mentor, who died during a business trip in September 2022.

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