Death of German tourist during Hamas attack: “I love you, thank you for everything”, he wrote to his mother before dying.

This is the case of a 22-year-old German tourist who died after a Hamas attack. Caro was traveling with her boyfriend, visiting Kibbutz Nir Oz near the Gaza Strip. German newspaper Bild reported that the two tourists were surprised by the terrorist attack as they were about to return to Germany on the same day.

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Then they took shelter in a bunker. Caro immediately thought of telling her mother that they would not be back on the scheduled day. “I love you, thank you for everything”, wrote the young German. As of this news, there has been no further news from Caro’s family. Long hours of waiting for the painful confirmation that came Sunday: Caro and her little Danny were dead.

If the confirmation is not official, Garo’s family learned the sad news “according to reliable information from Israel”. Garo and Danny were reportedly killed during a Hamas terrorist attack.

On Instagram, the family of the young German tourist paid tribute. “We are devastated and are now trying to cope with this unimaginable tragedy.”

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