Deal between Israel and Hamas to release hostages: “Good decision” according to Netanyahu

“The entire security apparatus fully supports him,” he added.

“Hamas’ latest plan for Israel is a trap”

The families of the hostages demanded the release of all those held, and the far-right Religious Zionism Party, which is part of the government coalition, spoke out against the deal, saying it was bad for Israel, the hostages and security. Players.

The deal with the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas will involve a phased exchange of “thirty” Palestinian prisoners for “ten” hostages per day.

This includes the entry of food, medical aid and fuel and above all a “renewable five-day humanitarian ceasefire” in the Gaza Strip, two sources close to the matter told AFP.

Under the deal, which could still be modified, 50 to 100 Israeli and dual nationals would be released — but no soldiers — compared to a total of 300 Palestinian women and children currently imprisoned by Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu said a possible ceasefire would not end the fighting

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also announced that negotiations will continue after the Gaza ceasefire and the release of hostages in Gaza starting October 7.

The Israeli leader vowed before a vote on the draft accord on Tuesday evening that even after a deal with Hamas was established, the war would continue “until we achieve our objectives.”

Israel’s objectives include the elimination of Hamas and the return of all hostages. Additionally, there should no longer be any threat to Israel from Gaza.

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