“Crowds of people were waiting for him on every street corner”

This is a touching moment captured in Pennsylvania, USA. Mello, Kevin Curry’s dog, was very ill and was having a very emotional last walk before he died.

Kevin’s dog was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. Unfortunately, this is a very serious disease and vets have already said that Mello will not live long. When he heard the sad news, his master had an original idea. Pay Mello one last respect!

Since moving to DuPont four years ago, Kevin walks his dog around the neighborhood twice a day. During his various walks, Mello made many friends. So Kevin decided to invite all of Mello’s friends for his last walk so they could say goodbye to the animal.

In a letter that landed in the mailboxes of residents of the neighborhood, Kevin wrote on behalf of Mello: “I will be walking around the neighborhood on Saturday, June 3rd from 7 to 8 p.m. I would like to say goodbye to you if you can.”. A letter which impressed all who were fond of Mello, since they presently answered.

Little did Kevin know that by sending this invitation, a hundred people would line up outside his house to say goodbye to Mello. Kevin Nai’s story quickly went viral, with many photos of the emotional moment being shared on social media and local TV channels. “Crowds of people were waiting for him on every street corner of the road,” said a very touched neighbor.

“Mello really is a perfect dog and I’m glad I was able to give him this special moment”, says Kevin, clearing his throat. “He never gave me a bad day in the seven years he was with me. I’m sure he can say that every day since his adoption has been better than the day before, until the last,” the American concludes.

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