Countries mobilize to support Ukraine in the face of Russian invasion: who sends what?

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, several governments have announced that they will send military or humanitarian aid to Ukraine. According to Joseph Borel, head of European diplomacy on Sunday, 17 European countries have so far responded to calls from Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba over arms supplies.

Weapons are taken from national stocks, but distributions are consolidated. Here is a roundup of country-wise announcements:

United States

Washington on Saturday announced $ 350 million in new military aid to Ukraine, bringing the total to more than $ 1 billion last year. “This assistance will include new defensive military assets that will help Ukraine fight the shield, air and other threats it faces today.”Said Anthony Blingen, head of US diplomacy.


Germany has broken a blockade by agreeing to supply arms to Ukraine, thereby breaking the policy of banning all exports of dangerous weapons in conflict zones. Berlin has authorized Kiev to supply 1,000 anti-tank rocket missiles, 500 airstrikes from a stinger surface and 9 howitzers. Germany announces shipment of 14 armored vehicles and 10,000 tons of fuel to Ukraine

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France decided on Saturday evening to provide additional security equipment and fuel support to Ukrainian authorities. Public Servants as previously stated “Play“Ukraine should provide defensive weapons to Kiev, especially according to its ambassador in Paris.”Anti-aircraft security measures “ And digital.


Belgium announced it would supply 3,000 automatic rifles and 3,800 tons of fuel to the Ukrainian military. Read the full article about it.


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The Dutch Ministry of Defense said “Sent on Saturday” Sniper rifles and helmets. He mentioned in a letter to the Dutch Parliament that he would provide “200 anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine as soon as possible”. The Netherlands has announced 20 million euros in humanitarian aid (food, water and medicine for the displaced).

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, which has already agreed to donate 4,000 artillery shells to Kiev, announced on Saturday that it would send them.In the coming hours “ Ukraine has 30,000 handguns, 7,000 assault rifles, 3,000 machine guns and dozens of sniper rifles and one million rounds of ammunition, 7.6 million euros.

By the end of January, Prague had already agreed to donate 4,000 artillery shells worth மில்லியன் 1.5 million to Kiev, which had not yet been delivered.


Especially provided by Portugal “Clothes, helmets, night-vision goggles, grenades, ammunition of various caliber.” Or even “G3 automatic rifles.


Sending to Greece “Defensive Equipment” And humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. No details were given on what type of equipment will be shipped.


Romanian government to send to Kiev “Fuel, bulletproof vests, helmets, ammunition and other military equipment, totaling 3 million euros. According to the Ministry of Defense, eleven Roman military hospitals are ready to receive wounded Ukrainians.


Italy has provided 110 million euros in aid to the Ukrainian government. “A definite sign of solidarity and support”Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio made the announcement on Twitter on Sunday without further details.


Spain will send 20 tons of aid to Ukraine, mainly for medical equipment and defensive equipment such as bulletproof vests.

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Israel will supply 100 tons of humanitarian supplies. This “Water purifiers, medical equipment, medicines, tents, blankets and sleeping bags and other aids will help the general public to find themselves in the cold outside their home.”

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