Corruption in France: Mystical-Sensual Practices at the Heart of the Church

L’Arche, the confederation of societies founded by Jean Vanier that welcomes people with intellectual disabilities in 38 countries, actually released an internal report in February 2020, carried out by an independent organization, confirming that Jean Vanier was with girls as young as six and not disabled), some of whom were vulnerable, “from sexual relationships, usually spiritual Within the frame of the mate, and some of them hold deep wounds”.

On Monday, November 2020, an independent study group of six researchers, set up by l’Arche Internationale, presented its findings, which were related to the Dominican Thomas Philippe, priest of L’Arche and spiritual father of Jean Vanier. Died in 1993.

“The Church must break out of the logic of authority”

The 900-page document, which was sent to the press, identified 25-year-old women, married, married or disabled, without disabilities, “who at some point in their relationship with Jean Vanier had experienced situations involving sexual activity. or an intimate gesture”, between “1952 and 2019”.

“Some presented themselves as victims of abusive relationships and others as consenting partners in abusive relationships. These relationships […] All fall within a continuum of confusion, control and abuse,” El Arch said in a separate statement.

The report summarizes the “mechanisms” used by Jean Vanier and Thomas Philippe as “Emprise, sexual abuse, collective unconsciousness, distortion of ideas at the heart of Christianity, vulgar representations of the relationship between Jesus and Mary”. In the statement, the presidents of L’Arche Internationale, Stephen Posner and Stacey Gates Carney, expressed their “shock” and condemned the “actions of both”.

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“L’Arche acknowledges its responsibility for failing to prevent, identify or report these abuses and, as a result, to prevent or stop them,” the association wrote. The structure of their houses is not subjected or affected by these practices.


A sensual-mystical wisdom

Synchronization of calendars: With this February first serf editions, historian Tangy Cavelin published another important investigation in France that explains how the Dominican Thomas Philippe and his brother (also Dominican) Marie-Dominique ended up decades apart. , caused a real system of spiritual abuse and sexual violence.

In this work “L’Affaire. The Dominicans face the corruption of the Philip brothers, the author explores how the religious order of the Dominicans, to which the two brothers belonged, managed to ignore these rights of way. “Both condemned by Rome in 1956 and 1957, the historian dissects the dynamics that allowed spiritual and sexual abuse to continue for more than half a century, and discovers a veritable sectarian nebula of ‘the Ones.’ Life He was able to read this book of 730 pages.

The two Philip brothers, the author explains, take advantage of the flaws in the ecclesiastical institution “to withdraw the positions of authority on which they depend in an art of complete manipulation. In all positions, the authorities will prove useless because the end is great”, compiling La Vie.

Furthermore, the author underlines the methodology of a sectarian “system” based on a perverse sensual-mystical wisdom. “Thomas Philippe, at least since 1942, had sexual relations with women who accompanied him spiritually, with theological justifications of a very deep spiritual grip,” La Croix sums up for his part. “Initially, many joint scenes took place, but, later, with individual partners these were ‘PrayersThere Thomas goes so far as to ask Philip to drink his sperm.To drink thus from the heart of our Lord‘”.

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The trial testified that the abortion took place in 1947. Anne de Rosenbaugh, a member of Thomas Philip’s inner circle, became pregnant.

With his spiritual aura, Thomas Philip played with psychological gripe with obscure and complex theological concepts to subjugate his victims.

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