New support measures for energy: the noise hole

A flaw will make it possible to avoid the aid system provided by the central government, inform our colleagues from Het Laatste Nieuws.

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I amI had to act, free families, lower energy bills, the federal government acted seven hours later last Friday, Kern, or the select cabinet. Results? We help the middle class in a targeted way. Who, exactly?

Beneficiaries are deducted from social charges. For those with a net taxable income of more than 62,000 euros per person and 125,000 euros per couple, the aid provided is partially refundable after their tax return. For one child, these limits increase to 3,700 euros. Those who exceed the ceiling amount will have to repay a maximum of 50 to 75% of the premium through taxes.

Between the two, everyone has the right to receive gas volume at a fixed and reduced price (for 5000 kilowatts), which corresponds to a profit of 135 euros per month, a kind of discount on their bill. The bonus is automatically paid through a reduction in the invoice.

However, there seems to be a flaw in this system. At least, that’s what our colleagues at Head Ladsday News are reporting this Saturday. By placing your energy contract in the name of one of your children, the support action applies. “We can do it right,” says tax professor Michael Maas (VUB). “For bonus allocation, they will look at income. Children have limited or no income anyway, but are in principle not tax linked to their parents. According to the tax expert, there is no question of fraud with such a name change in the energy deal. “All by law: everyone can pick up an energy contract at their residential address,” he says. According to him, the government cannot fill this gap. A child doesn’t even have to be old enough to do this.

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However, regulations governing the granting of bonuses are yet to be released, which could pull the rug from under anyone who wants to use a side road.

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