Corona virus: How the totally isolated Salah Abdeslam may have been infected

He is in a state of severe isolation and is positive for Salah Abdeslam Kovit, we learned this Wednesday, December 29th. Here’s how it can be polluted.

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S.alah Abdeslam has been imprisoned by Fleury-Mérogis and is in complete isolation. He is alone in an area of ​​about 9 m2 with a hot plate, refrigerator and TV. He can come out two hours a day: one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. Remind our co-workers in the yard reserved for him, or a neighbor’s room that acts as an operating room and is equipped with a rover and fitness bike. The Voice of the North.

So he had no contact with any of the other inmates in the prison. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t seen anyone.

Every time before returning to the cell, with a formal search, the man has the right to go. Thus he described his “visit of his family circle every month, at the rate of three to four rooms a week” Our colleagues from Checknews in an article on detention conditions “Most Surveillance Prisoner in France”. Thirteen people will be authorized to come and meet him, According to the statistics of our RTL colleagues. We know that In 2017, the glass that separated him from those who came to the guest room was removed.

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A dedicated team of a few supervisors also has access to its path. Between visiting rooms and searches, the prisoner is in regular contact with people who can spread the virus to him, especially as the number of people infected with Govt. French prisons currently have multiple sources of pollution.

In this prison 21 positive prisoners Kovid was identified on December 24. And specifically built into the D3 where Salah Abdeslam is detained France Information. Screening of prisoners on the same floor scheduled for this Wednesday, before an operation with all inmates and staff next Monday.

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