Conflict in Ukraine: Belgian troops can be stationed but only in “bad conditions”

Defense Minister Ludwig Dedoner received an “informal request, and then a formal request for assistance in death and non-death from Ukraine”.

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IAsked about the recent escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, Belgian Defense Minister Ludin Dedontar said that Belgium “plays a role in blocking allies, and if we deploy, we will protect all of these countries around Ukraine.” Inside
The last hour

“I repeat, this is important, the dialogue is still there, and the exchanges between Europe, NATO and Russia are still there to prevent this expansion. We can stop with our allies, there are many levels before that and we can move very quickly if needed, ”he says.

“At Law Defense, we are always ready and ready to deploy if necessary. That is, if there is a unanimous request from NATO, we must deploy our forces inside NATO to protect our allies. We are not in the military will in Ukraine. And are under analysis, “he said

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Defense “received an informal request, followed by a formal request for assistance in death and non-death from Ukraine”.

“We have not yet responded to the request. We have not yet said yes or no,” the minister explained. “Consultations are ongoing with our partners. We are going to evaluate the approach to be taken at the government level. But the discussions are broader than the demand for weapons or equipment. They are related to the overall assistance, such as the financial assistance that can be provided to Ukraine. ⁇

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