College Admissions Scandal Ringleader Rick Singer Begins Jail Sentence


College admissions scandal

Gang leader Rick Singer begins his prison sentence

Rick singerthe mastermind behind the infamous college admissions scandal, has just entered prison… where he is sentenced to spend the next three and a half years behind bars.

A representative for the Federal Bureau of Prisons told TMZ… Singer arrived at Pensacola Federal Penitentiary Prison in Florida on Monday to begin serving his 42-month sentence.

As we reported, Singer was the man behind countless parents who spend big money to grease the wheels for their kids to get into elite colleges… including big names like Lori Loughlin And Felicity Huffman.

He was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison at the start of the year, although prosecutors were shooting for 6 years in prison – saying he profited more from the scheme than anyone else involved and should be given a harsher sentence.

College admissions scandal, gang leader Rick Singer, sentenced to 42 months in prison

Regardless, his sentence was nothing like what it could have been…because he was initially looking at a maximum sentence of 65 years, though it’s clear that his cooperation with the feds helped reduce some of the time.

FYI – Lori has been awarded 2 months for her involvement in the scandal, while Felicity only did 2 weeks in multiplication. While it seems like Singer got the hardest sentence, it still came close to what some think he deserves.

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