Jon Hamm marries Anna Osceola in a Mad Men-inspired wedding

Jon Hamm

Tying the Knot with Anna Osceola…

Mad Men style!!!

Jon Hamm He finally tied the knot – and he did with a former “Mad Men” actor, no less… along with plenty of other nods to the show that made him so famous.

The actor is married Anna Osceola Saturday after getting engaged last year…and after dating for two years. They actually met on the set of ‘Mad Men’ in 2015…and it looks like they’re back together after John broke up with his longtime partner, Jennifer Westfield.

Now, as for the nuptials themselves… absolutely amazing. John and Anna got engaged in beautiful Anderson Canyon in Big Sur — so yeah, it was a seaside wedding of sorts.

The reason Big Sur is so important isn’t lost on M.M. fans — the series ended with Don Draper rediscovering himself…and the final shot showed John’s character stumble into the epiphany of the iconic “hilltop” 1970 Coca-Cola ad.

Nice little nod, obviously — but the guest list was just the cherry on top for the “Mad Men” flashback. John Slattery He showed up to congratulate his old rep, and a hint of “Mad Men”-themed cocktails was on hand as a tribute. Lord knows those boys drank!

the background

Other attendees… Billy Crudup – Who only Recently married himself – Plus Paul RuddAnd Tina FeyAnd and others. Their walking song was also James Bond related…with a band playing the “You Only Live Twice” theme. In fact, all ’60s fare was here.

As for the bride and groom…they looked gorgeous. John was incredibly elegant in his clothes – and Anna stunned in her flowing dress. Everyone else was also dressed.

Congratulations to the happy couple!!!

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