Citytrips: European destinations are less popular and less popular, and here’s why

The big cities were affected by these new customs, but not by the lack of non-European tourists. And all is still not back to normal. And if we are to believe a recent report by the World Travel & Tourism Council, taken by the exclusive site Travel 360, it seems that tourism is losing ground in major European cities. Before the health crisis, major world cities represented 50%. Travel, a figure that has since fallen, also in the face of declining business travel.

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We also know that Paris will lose its status as the most visited city in the world in the coming years in favor of places like Doha (+21% since 2019) or Warsaw (+14%). All in all, even big European cities face strong competition from Asian destinations, especially those in Arabia like Doha, but also Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

The report even envisions it to be among the world’s top 10 by 2030. This will put Paris in third place behind two Chinese cities, Beijing and Shanghai. Next are Orlando, Las Vegas, Guangzhou, New York, Macau, Bangkok and Tokyo.

It is not unreasonable to see many Asian cities in this world ranking based on the population growth of this region of the world. For European tourists, city trips always resonate with Paris, Rome or Barcelona. It’s hard to imagine going to Tokyo for three or four days! We should also look at the bright side of things for tourists: Paris or other places may be less crowded. However, economically…

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