Amazon charges a delivery fee for fresh grocery orders under $150

Brendan McDiarmid | Reuters

Amazon It will start charging a delivery fee for fresh groceries orders of less than $150, in a move it said will help keep prices for its services down.

Starting February 28, Prime members who want Amazon Fresh home delivery will be charged a $9.95 delivery fee for orders under $50, while orders between $50 and $100 will incur a $6.95 delivery fee, and orders over It ranges from $100 to $150 and a $3.95 delivery fee, the company said in a note to customers seen by CNBC. Only Prime members can use the delivery service, though anyone can shop at Amazon Fresh for groceries.

Amazon Pre-guaranteed Prime members free $139 a year on fresh orders over $35.

“This service fee will help keep prices lower at online and physical grocery stores as we better cover delivery costs for groceries and continue to enable the delivery of a consistent, fast, high-quality delivery experience,” the notice read.

The move follows as did Amazon CEO Andy Jassy I embarked on an extensive review on the company’s expenses amid slowing sales and a deteriorating economic outlook. Amazon laid off 18,000 employees, froze hiring in the company’s workforce, and paused or canceled some projects such as a sidewalk robot and a telehealth service.

Amazon previously recalibrated its approach to online grocery delivery, a notoriously challenging business from a cost and efficiency perspective. In 2021, Amazon added $10 service fee for Whole Foods delivery orders for Prime members, after previously offered at no additional charge.

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