China, Saudi Arabia,…these countries paid billions to Trump's properties when he was president.

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The report, titled “White House for Sale,” was approved by the only Democratic minority on the commission and disclosed by the Washington Post, officials from 20 countries including China, India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Democratic Republic of Congo. — Donald Trump and his Trump Organization paid rent and bills in 2017 and 2018 for four of the family's 500 companies and entities.

“As president, Donald Trump accepted more than $7.8 million from foreign states and their leaders, including some of the most nefarious regimes on the planet,” the report alleged, accusing the former tenant of the White House (2017-2021). I have seen a portion of this money “pass through (his) hands”.

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The four properties targeted include offices and apartments at Trump Tower, an iconic skyscraper on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, and hotels or apartments in New York, Washington and Las Vegas.

For example, Chinese state-owned bank ICBC rents offices in Trump Tower and Beijing's total spending on the former head of state's real estate properties is $5.5 million, according to the report.

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