Children of Karin Esquilan, killed by her husband, testify: “The day she disappeared, I knew it was him” | the world

FranceAfter two months of lying to those around him, investigators and journalists, Michel Biale finally confessed to murdering his wife Karine Esquivillon in the Vendée (France). In an interview with BFMTV, two of the victim’s children say they never believed the alleged killer.

“The day she disappeared, I knew it was him. There was no doubt about it.” Faced with inconsistencies in Michael Bial’s behavior in the hours after his mother’s disappearance, Thomas quickly suspected him of being Karine Esquivillon’s killer after confessing more than two months last March.

“You can’t immediately imagine that he actually did something, but he knew something, he was hiding something from us, and I knew from the beginning that he was the only one in my viewfinder. Our mother cannot live without children,” the victim’s son continues.

Eva-Louise, the first daughter of Karine Esquivillon and Michel Pialle, speaks abundantly in the same direction: “When my father informed me that my mother had disappeared, I did not believe it. We were all interrogated by gendarmes. For me, from that moment on, I had a very strong suspicion of him. , I knew it was him,” she admits.

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But to go in her direction and find out what happened, she doesn’t want to share her suspicions publicly. “For us to have the truth, we must believe him. That is what was asked from our side, to make him believe (…) we go with him in his lies”, he explains. “We came together as a family and it was a small choice to put him in confidence. He needed to talk. The goal was not to show that we had doubts,” says Thomas.

Now that the truth is out, the victim’s children do not believe the suspect’s version of events. They “fear” the trial and “hope” that Michael Biele will “never get out of prison, never see the light of day again, and never hurt a woman again.” Eva-Louise concludes: “I can’t wait to see it, I will not lower my gaze, I will lift my head and see it. I will refuse to lower my gaze to the man.

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