Charles III’s Coronation: Incident to Camilla Parker Bowles’ Grandson, Honorable Side of the Ceremony

Three of the grandchildren of Charles III’s wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, will be responsible for carrying the Queen’s dress train during the monarch’s coronation this Saturday. They are Frederick (son of Thomas Parker Bowles) and Louis and Gus (twins of Laura Parker Bowles), three sides of the Hon. But the latter has to assume his role with a crippled hand. The Daily Mail reports that a 13-year-old boy broke his arm after falling off his bike while on a family holiday.

If his cast has been removed, Gus will have his arm in a sling during this Saturday’s festivities. The lesser evil.

Charles III’s coronation will capture the world’s attention: why this event is exceptional

Coronation of Charles III: A historical moment to follow in LN24

Don’t miss an exceptional special edition of LN24, this Saturday, May 6, on TV from 10 am. A historic moment to follow live with many experts on Channel 12 on Vu, Channel 16 on Telenet, Channel 18 on Proximus Pix and Channel 90 on Orange TV. Digitally, the meeting will also be telecast on LN24 platform lalibre.beLive video.

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