Caryl Ferry: ‘In the end, there will only be wild animals in cages’

Wild animals are even more threatened due to their rarity and their increasing price. A boon for hunters. Caryl Férey condemns “Brutal capitalism“It’s rooted in the presence of a wildlife exchange. We speculate rhinos like Wheat. Caryl Ferry is frustrated by this situation.”This logic would dictate that the last elephant is worth 1 billion dollars! There’s always some big-ass Texan who wants to kill him to show he’s the greatest!

Caryl Férey warns us: At the rate things are going, there will soon be no more wild animals. If animal trafficking is not the only cause of this carnage, it is actually human activity. We are increasingly chipping away at animals’ territories, destroying their habitats for crops, infrastructure and other needs. Apart from hunting (over-fishing, poaching), over-exploitation, global warming are also causes..

Everything is connected“, Caryl Férey tells us.”In South Africa, it’s getting drier and drier, so there are fewer and fewer acacia trees for giraffes to eat. So they starve to death, affecting the lions that prey on them. Lions attack and kill the cows and goats of local herders. It’s a vicious cycle.

“Ultimately, the last survivors of this extinction will be in zoos“, denounces the author of detective novels.”Zoos are prisons where growing animals lose their ‘culture’. So they cannot be released.

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