Carly Simon honors her two sisters who died of cancer every single day


Singer Carly Simon She paid tribute to her sisters, Joanna and Lucy, who died a day apart this week, both of cancer.

Simon’s manager Larry Ciancia confirmed to CNN that Joanna Simon, 85, died Wednesday of thyroid cancer, and Lucy Simon, 82, died of metastatic breast cancer on Thursday.

“I feel sad when I talk about the deaths of Joanna and Lucy Simon. Their loss will be long and frightening,” Simon told CNN.

The three sisters were musically talented. Joanna Simone was an opera singer and Lucy Simone was an artist and music composer who was nominated for a Tony Award for the score for the musical “Secret Garden”.

“As sad as this day is,” Simon said, “it is impossible to mourn them without celebrating the amazing lives they lived.” “We were three sisters who not only took turns taking flaming paths and marking courses for each other, but were secretly sharing each other’s memories. Keepers of each other’s memories.”

“I have no words to explain the feeling that I am suddenly the only remaining direct descendant of Richard and Andrea Simon,” the “Expectation” and “You Are Useless” singer continued.

Simon’s brother Peter passed away in 2018.

“They touched everyone they knew, and those of us left behind will be fortunate and honored to carry their memories forward,” she added.

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