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Brian Cox This is more from Logan Roy.

or at least leave Succession’The head of the ruling media empire behind HBO’s Emmy-winning TV drama group as the rude Scottish actor criticized the way it acted during a question-and-answer session after the show at… Toronto Film Festival for prisoner’s daughter.

“I don’t get into so much American bullshit that I have to have a religious experience every time you play a role,” Cox said of fully immersing yourself in performing in a movie or TV series to the point of obsession.

“I don’t get attached to the characters I play. I let them pass through me. The thing is that you are ready to accept, as an actor. You stand there, and you are willing to accept whatever is thrown at you,” he added while on stage at Roy Thompson Hall after he and his fellow cast members, including Kate BeckinsaleTyson Ritter, Christopher Confrey, and prisoner’s daughter boss Catherine Hardwickea standing ovation from the Toronto audience after the world premiere of the drama about family reconciliation.

in prisoner’s daughter Cox plays Max, a convict who is released from prison after being diagnosed with terminal cancer and then has to live his last days with his estranged daughter, played by Beckinsale. Max also gets to know the grandson he never knew, played by Convery.

“Max was a great role, no doubt. He’s always been on hold, as a father. Logan is a completely different character. He’s not on hold. Except, deep down, he is. But his reactions come to the fore, because of his background,” Cox added. Where he insisted on different dynamics for the characters in Succession And the prisoner’s daughter Call for different representation styles in the group.

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“So you let people pass through you. We’re British. I insist, ironically, that we come from a ‘great tradition’.”

“Commonwealth, darling,” Beckinsale added beaming to the Canadian audience.

“Just let it come through with you. Now in the starting role as the Toronto festival crowd reacted with another round of applause,” Cox continued.

Cox’s comments follow his Emmy win Succession Co-star Jeremy Strong makes headlines to New Yorker Profile personly Published late last year in which individuals who worked with Strong evaluated techniques he uses to gain access to the character, such as asking to be sprayed with real tear gas vs. Chicago trial 7. Strong told the publication at the time that he did not consider himself an actor in the style but said of his tactics, “If I had any method at all, it would be simply: to remove anything—anything—that is not the character and the circumstances of the scene.”

Also during the TIFF event, twilight And the Thirteen Director Hardwicke – who directed prisoner’s daughter From a screenplay by Canadian writer Mark Bachey – Convery was praised for his acting ability against Cox and Beckinsale, given the veteran British artists’ pedigree. “You’re too brave to hold yourself,” she told the young actor.

Throughout the brief question-and-answer period, Cox and Beckinsale were full of banter and humor directed at each other.

“Brian was around. I have a date with him. ‘You are stalked,'” she once told Cox, after insisting she had seen him as a fan several times on stage in Britain when she grew up and trained as an actress.

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“I’m a stalker? You’re a stalker. I’ve never been a stalker. You’re definitely a stalker!” Cox replied.

“I’m wearing panties at the moment,” Beckinsale said in response, using a popular British term for women’s underwear.

I stole them. I stole them. I had a whole bunch of them, and they were all gone,” Cox replied, before striking a serious tone by praising Hardwicke as a director. Pointing to Hardwicke, he said, “I didn’t know what to expect this afternoon, I have to admit…but the great thing is that woman’s heart, and that’s what it shows on the show.”

He then praised Beckinsale for her dedication as Maxine, a daughter who reluctantly accepts her convicted father, and as a single mother, has to work multiple jobs to maintain her Las Vegas home and care for her epileptic son.

“She’s very committed to the role, and you can’t go wrong when she’s acting against something like that,” Cox said.

The Toronto Film Festival runs through September 18th.

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