Robert Downey Jr. wishes his work in the MCU received more real appreciation

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in Captain America: Civil War.

picture: Marvel Studios

The MCU started with Robert Downey Jr In turn define the profession as Iron Man Dating back to 2008. Over the next 11 years, Downey reprized the role in several sequels and Team formationNow that he's at a distance from the whole shebang, he believes his tenure at Marvel has been overlooked.

Recently, Downey appeared Rob Lowe “Literally!” Podcast He mentioned how he feels his work on Iron Man – which he considers “some of the best work I'll ever do” – has been overlooked “because of the genre”. He's not really wrong on that front: the way some people talk about him oppenheimer, You'd think Marvel was holding him hostage until fairly recently. (A similar event is happening now with Mark Ruffalo and… Bad things.) And although not all of the choices the writers made with Stark's work were great, he was always good in the role and worked to deliver the performance every time. He showed up.

It was Downey's live action movie after Marvel Doolittle, Which he also produced with his wife, Susan. the movies Negative reception And the lukewarm commercial response left him feeling “very exposed” after Marvel protected him like…well, the Shield. “All the things I relied on, contrary to my understanding of trust and security, have evaporated,” he said. Looking back Doolittle He now admits it was a mess, although it “made me teachable.”

Oppenheimer He recently won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor, and is expected to be an Oscar nominee in the same category. This film, in addition to his two following projects –HBO channels Sympathizer And Shane Black Play dirty– indicates that he has no desire to return to Marvel anytime soon. Last November, it was reported that Marvel was considering reuniting the original Avengers as a way to bring fans back into the MCU during the recent harsh patches, with Kevin Feige And Scarlett Johansson Dance individually about questions about it later. But if Avengers: Secret Wars If it ever actually comes to fruition, this would likely be the best place to get a cameo from any of the OG Avengers, including Downey. If so, perhaps his previous Marvel appearances will be talked about more seriously in relation to the rest of his work.


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