Boss News: Travis and Jason Kelce discuss Taylor Swift’s talk with dad

Kansas City Chiefs Tight end Travis Kelce and his older brother – Philadelphia Eagles Jason Kelsey Center – Hosts a weekly podcast called “New Heights.” The title is a tribute to the Cleveland Heights, Ohio, neighborhood in which they grew up.

In the latest episode, the brothers discuss Kelsey Chiefs win 19-8 Over the Denver BroncosAnd Travis made a surprise guest appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” where he mocked the NFL’s over-saturated coverage of his relationship with Taylor Swift.

“New Heights” with Jason and Travis Kelce | Jukes Original presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment | You can also listen to the show on Spotify.

1. Matt Nagy’s Crime Challenge

Six games into the regular season, the Chiefs offense is still trying to figure out its identity. Fortunately, the team’s defense turned the lights out, giving them plenty of room to sort things out.

Travis was very upfront about this.

“You have to make a touchdown when you’re in the red zone,” he told Jason.

Travis didn’t want to mince words.

He added: “It’s very frustrating, and it’s hard – because you want to be the reason why we’re doing great. Right now, it’s kind of up and down; no great.”

However, some observers believe that leaders are merely manipulating their opponents.

However, the crime wasn’t necessarily the wreck some fans made it out to be. After all, Kansas City is 10th in scoring — and across the league, Scoring is down. It’s just that the team’s offense has set the bar high — and so have the team’s fans.

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But that didn’t stop Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy from taking action.

“He challenged us all this morning actually,” Travis revealed. “[To] Stop saying, “You’ll fix it.” [Just] Get out there and do it.”

2. Bring the girl home to meet Daddy Kelsey

Imagine you bring your new girlfriend home to meet your parents for a family barbecue. Then while you’re turning the grill, you look across the yard and see your new girlfriend Isolated in man coverage – Talk to your father!

Now imagine that you are on the sidelines of a football match. Your new girlfriend is the biggest pop star in the world. You can see your father talking to her in a suite behind a glass panel. Not only are you unable to hear them, you have no control over the situation at all! Knowing your father, they could be discussing anything from the weather to the genius behind the engineering of the Roman Empire’s aqueduct system.

That’s the situation Travis found himself in last Thursday night, when TV cameras caught Ed Kelsey talking to Taylor Swift.

Jason joked that at this moment, there was only one thing that could be on Travis’ mind:

“[Dad] I shouldn’t be talking to Taylor Swift!

Travis said he had a similar reaction.

“This is a terrifying conversation,” he remembers thinking at the time. “I felt terrible for Taylor.”

Jason took his turn imagining the conversation.

“It says, ‘I took all your CDs from the local library, and I started burning them on my computer.’

It was all in good fun. If we’ve learned one thing about the Kelsey brothers, it’s that they think in their father’s world.

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3. Hook and ladder

Chiefs fans know that Travis loves to play football on the sideline. In the past, he said he’s always looking for an opportunity to throw the football to a teammate — but when he does, it has to work. Otherwise, coach Andy Reid will Rip him a new one.

So Travis was calling Andy Reid to add the celebrity Hook and handed Play by the Kansas City playbook — but Reid’s response is always the same.

“Coach Reid says, ‘I’m not doing that,'” he said.

So Travis tried a makeshift version of the play against the Broncos, throwing the ball to fellow tight end Noah Gray on a play during the first quarter.

“If you look at the play, I came off the ball and immediately turned around — because there was a blitz and I thought PAT,” he noted. [Mahomes] “He would hit me with the ball while the defense was drowning.”

But Mahomes didn’t see Kelce cutting him off.

“He’s done a lot of the things he does out there…he’s going through his progressions,” he explained.

Eventually, Mahomes got the ball to Kelce.

“I was short on my route because of how quickly I turned, so I was actually in Noah Gray’s zone — where he was going to get the ball,” Travis recalls. [I] I felt somewhat guilty that I might have stolen a catch from him, so I made sure to hand the item over to him.

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