Bissell is recalling more than 150,000 vacuum cleaners across the United States and Canada

Bissell is Reminder more On Friday, the company announced the sale of 150,000 vacuum cleaners in the United States and Canada.

The company said on a web page about the recall that it is recalling its Multi Reach Cordless vacuum “because the battery pack can overheat and smoke, creating a fire hazard.”

Affected models 1985, 19851 (also called Multi Auto), 19859, 1985T, 1985C, 2151, 21512, 21513, 21517, 21518, 21519, 2151A, 2151C, 2151T, 2151W, 2151, sold In the period between August 2, 016 and December 2022 in stores such as Lowe's and Macy's, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) said in a statement.

“Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled vacuum cleaners and contact BISSELL for instructions on how to drain the battery charge and obtain a free replacement vacuum cleaner,” CSPC said in the statement. “Recovered lithium-ion batteries must be disposed of in accordance with any local and state laws and not in the trash.”

CSPC also said Bissell “received 17 reports of the recalled vacuum cleaners smoking and emitting a burning odor.”

“Six of the reports involved the battery pack catching fire, three of which resulted in minor property damage and two resulted in minor burn injuries,” CSPC said.

Bissell said it is offering a free replacement vacuum to those with the affected vacuums on its recall web page. They can fill out a form on the web page to request the replacement blank.

“Do not throw this recalled battery in the trash. Do not deposit this recalled battery in the used battery recycling bins found at many retail and home improvement stores.

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The notice comes nearly a year after the company recalled a different vacuum model over similar concerns about batteries overheating and catching fire.

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