Billy Bush has no malicious intent with a Kendall Jenner joke

Billy Bush didn’t mean any harm when… Joking with the producers jokingly about Kendall Jenner’s sexy Halloween costume during the taping of “Extra” on Oct. 31.

“There was no malicious intent on Bush’s part as he was working through the material in the normal creative process for the show,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told Page Six on Friday.

Earlier today, The Daily Beast Leaked sound — which we’re told is unauthorized — “Kendall goes like Jesse, and believe me, there were a lot of amiables,” Bosh, 51, said, implying that Toy Story-themed outfits might turn people on.

Billy Bush sitting in the stadium.
Billy Bush had no “malicious intent” when making a lewd joke about Kendall Jenner, a source told Page Six.
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A spokesperson for Telepictures, the “Extra” production company, previously explained to Page Six that the upside down note was never meant to be heard by the audience.

“As with many forms of production in the entertainment industry, the show’s creative process allows flexibility to experiment with different jokes and quips,” said one of the actors.

Jenner dressed up as Jessie from “Toy Story” for Halloween 2022.

Kendall Jenner as Jesse Who "Toy Story."

Jenner dressed up as Jessie from “Toy Story” for Halloween 2022.


Kendall Jenner as Jesse Who "Toy Story."

Jenner dressed up as Jessie from “Toy Story” for Halloween 2022.

Jesse Woody in "Toy Story 2."

Jenner dressed up as Jessie from “Toy Story” for Halloween 2022.


“Eventually, some material falls to the cutting room floor, including notes that may be too serious to be broadcast on television.”

The commentary on Jenner’s outfit that made the air on Oct. 31 even more intimidating was one in which Bush said, “It’s going to be hard to see ‘Toy Story’ the same way again. Kendall zipped while Jessie was a redheaded cowgirl, complete with a crop top, and pants.” Short of denim.

Jenner, 27, did not respond to the backlash Bush received and her rep did not immediately respond to the Big Six’s request for comment.

Paparazzi photo of Kendall Jenner.
Jenner did not address Bush’s remark.
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Bush’s satire was particularly scrutinized because the entertainment journalist has a history of making surprising remarks about women in Hollywood.

The former ‘Access Hollywood’ presenter has come under fire for comments he and former President Donald Trump made about soap star Ariane Zucker in 2005 that resurfaced during the 2016 US presidential campaign.

“Yeah! Record Donald!” Bush can be heard saying on that leaked tape. “Whoa man. You have to look at her… Give her a thumbs up. You should give her a thumbs up… Oh my God!”

Meanwhile, Trump, 76, replied at the time that he could do anything for women in Hollywood, even “take them by the py.”

Billy Bush on set "additional."
Bosch has been working on Extra since 2019.
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shrub He apologized for his part In the conversation, he said, “Looking at what was said on that bus, I wish I had changed the subject.”

I wish I had said: Does anyone want water? or “It looks like it’s going to rain.” He loved television and competition. I could have said, “Do you believe reviews on anything?” I didn’t have the strength of character to do that.”

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