Billionaires in No Man’s Sky are shaken by a galactic-scale market crash

A No Man's Sky player looks at their Indium farming machine on a barren planet.

At the beginning of last week, cultivation of activated indium was one of the simplest ways to earn big money No Man’s Sky. Players will find a deposit, drop plenty of drills, and surround them with storage containers. Sci-fi ore flow. All they had to do was replace it at the station with roughly 1,000 units apiece. But no more. Last Waypoint Update nerfed cash crops into oblivion, and No Man’s SkyThieves emperors take out one of them for their now useless traces of the interstellar capitalist overrun.

“I have spent a lot of time building AI mines that can provide me unnecessarily large levels of income,” said a player named TheOneGingerman. wrote on No Man’s Sky subreddit. “This update has reduced the amount of income they generate, but honestly I’m fine with that. The mines I built were an exercise in what I could produce more than I needed to create.”

No Man’s Sky It is a beautiful space slide that allows you to explore Millions of different worlds at your free time. You can build bases, explore, fight pirates, and even form galactic councils. While some players go into space to escape the constraints of the modern market, others are venturing out there to embrace it. Some established profitable trade routes. Others looted rival frigates. More than a few went to grow some of the most profitable materials in the galaxy.

For a long time, Activated Indium has been one of the trusted money makers. It can only be found on planets orbiting blue stars. It can be refined into a box item or sold as a commodity on the open market for a whopping 949 units. No Man’s SkyIts economy had unlimited demand, so players confronted it with a nearly unlimited supply, and shared pictures of their massive agricultural projects on social media. They built everything from nuclear reactor platforms to me Giant floating space bridges.

Screenshots show the exterior and interior of a Fallout Farm on an irradiated planet.

“[This is] My first large active indium farm, “ItSmellsLikeJim wrote on the subreddit Last month, screenshots were shared that showed huge piles of mineral extractors that were connected to a series of large buildings and associated infrastructure. “20,000 hrs/120,000 hrs storage. The upper supply line is working. Like having surgery on them, no diminishing returns. Get some if you want to.” The players were drowning in activated indium, so they were generous, Gift it to random strangers. These new players can then use the startup money to upgrade their ship, travel the galaxy or Build their own farm. Some farms produced Millions of units every day. Aharon make billions.

One player who went by nmskibbles built “Fallout Farm” over two years ago on an “extremely radioactive” and “wild” planet. He said that there are usually good things Kotaku. No Man’s Sky He didn’t have a cross game at the time, so he built the exact same farm on PS4 so players there could benefit as well. How long did it take? “About 10 hours of wire glitch,” he said wrote on reddit in time.

That all changed when the “Waypoint” update simplified a large part of the game on October 7. Players soon discovered that the price of Indium had dropped to just 165 units a piece. More seriously, the manufacturer Hello Games has also reduced the efficiency of drilling. Where players were previously able to stack hundreds of extractors on top of each other, they now experience diminishing returns for each additional facility built on the same deposit. Some players estimated that their farming operations now take 50 percent Longer to collect the same amount of indium.

“Really disappointing because I have worked so insanely to create some huge AI farms that I now think are worthless?” Galaxy Galavanter wrote on the subreddit. “Unfortunately, I built an active indium farm a day before v4.0 which degrades it so I only get eight million units every 26 hours which isn’t great considering I can get eight million storm crystal units in less than 25 minute , ” Actual_Material_5915 Books.

DrySiver 0

some No Man’s SkyThe company’s biggest entrepreneurs are effectively treating the recent market crash as a huge reset. While some are saddened by their now useless indium farms, many are also relieved that there are new worlds to conquer. “The prices of activated indium being reduced after an update have made other ways to make units interesting again,” said former farmer KashKaroon. Kotaku. “I am now back to old school methods like collecting storm crystals and old bones, as well as back to growing plants to make things like circuit boards, live glass, and liquid explosives. I was enjoying these aspects a lot before Activated Indium made them somewhat redundant. Glad they were awarded Some purposes again.”

Money never sleeps, even inside No Man’s Sky. A group of players who made the indium boom already scramble to find a new market to sink their billions into. While some tend heavily to crystalline, others pursue stagnation and chlorine devices. “You should do a chlorine scam”, important site 93 Suggested on subreddit. “Create oxygen farms and expand chlorine with oxygen. I earn about a billion a day with a few hours of work.”

No Man's Sky player looks down at rows upon rows of indium extractors.

But it appears that the most lucrative raw metal in the face of the decline of activated indium is gold. At least until the next Nerf. It’s currently worth about 350 units each, which breaks the brains of some players because unlike indium, which requires a “blue star” solar system, gold can be found just about anywhere. “They have disabled indium farms, so now everyone will have the inefficient task of rebuilding their farms as gold farms because these are the best.” Radiator Linat complained. “They should at least make AI better than gold so people don’t have to rebuild. But this update seems to be about starting over.”

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Among the many changes and additions, the Waypoint update introduced a new relaxation mode that players can play for adventure with minimal danger and grinding. You can even lower the price of every item in the game to zero. While those who want a challenge can increase the difficulty for a more survival-oriented experience, this “creation mode” wallpaper has left some No Man’s Sky The capitalists are looking for a new reason to play.

“Anyone can now repeat your insanely hard work in minutes; to balance the causes I have been told,” LastPint508 Books. “Idk, the patch made one of my spare ships worth half a billion, I sold the thing, the money is meaningless now.”

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