Kairosoft’s Dev Story classic simulation game is now available on Steam

Dave's Toy Story

screenshot: CairoSoft

Readers, who occasionally get busy with emulation ports and board games aside, I don’t usually play games on my phone. Ever. But over the years I made a major concession and played shit Among the management game series released by the Japanese studio Kairosoft.

From the mid-90s onwards, Kairosoft has had amazing success releasing game after game which often has the same foundations – taking a company/place/organization in mind and making it as cool as possible – but with simple tweaks and tweaks to its settings. Just New enough that you want to play more than one.

Most Kairosoft releases were on mobile, with a few Windows ports, But this is the first time these games have arrived on SteamWhich means it will also be people’s first chance to try it out. Which I highly recommend!

Sure, maybe they lack the depth of games designed with the desktop in mind, and some of the windows and controls look a bit weird on larger screens, but the two things that make Kairosoft games great – their crunchy and amazing numbers heart-Still there.

Not all Kairosoft games available have been released in English; Only five out so far, although this number includes Dave’s Toy Story, which is one of the things many fans might suggest you try first anyway, since it’s a challenging, funny, and oddly accurate look at the ways the gaming industry has changed over the past few decades (although this game is now outdated to make itself felt slightly dated). It might also make you – and I’m sorry to put you in this position – to feel a grain of understanding for the role of a money-hungry video game CEO.

or not Mega Mall story (where you run a mall) and excellent sports management games, Grand Prix story And the Pocket League Storynot far behind.

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