Biden incites a “genocide” in Ukraine

This is the first time the president has used the word to describe the situation in the country. He lamented the further rise in inflation caused by Russia’s occupation of Ukraine.

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Joe Biden on Tuesday accused the Russian military of “genocide” in Ukraine, using the term for the first time to describe the situation in the country occupied by Moscow.

“Your family budget, your ability to fill up with gas, none of this should depend on a dictator declaring war and committing genocide on the other side of the world,” the president said. Swelling.

According to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) released by the Labor Department on Tuesday, consumer price inflation in March reached its fastest pace since December 1981, at 8.5% a year.

Joe Biden lamented the further rise in inflation caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, promising that “a 70% rise in prices (Vladimir) in March comes from Putin’s rise in petrol prices”.

The Department of Labor said in a statement that “the petrol index rose 18.3% in March (compared to February) and more than half of the general price increase in one month”.

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“Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has pushed up petrol and food prices around the world,” the Democratic president said.

The Republican opposition, in particular, criticizes Joe Biden for having an economic policy that stimulates inflation.

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