January 7, 2023 War in Ukraine: The Orthodox Christmas truce has ended, but hostilities have not actually stopped.

The situation on the ground was increasingly complicated for the troops of the Russian Federation. To realize this, you only need to browse through most of the Telegram, TikTok or other accounts of Russian soldiers caught on the front. It is not by chance that the Moscow authorities have banned the use of mobile phones. For the Kremlin master, showing reality on the ground is often more dangerous than enemy bombs. Alcohol and its effects are no longer forbidden, nor are women’s minor virtues or abuses. As for the ceasefire, the Russian soldiers are laughing about it.

However, as US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Russia and Ukraine Laura Cooper said: “Putin has not given up on his goals of dominating Ukraine and continuing to occupy Ukrainian territory. […] But the reality of Russia’s weaknesses, the weaknesses of the Russian military, collided with these objectives.. Poorly armed, poorly prepared and poorly commanded, Putin’s soldiers quickly succumbed to death and resignation once they got past the relative joy of campaigning.

Faced with this Berezina, it is rumored that the solution was found in Moscow. Start a new mobilization. A new appeal will be launched again this month after October, which caused unprecedented spills overseas. 500,000 men could be called up. It is enough to have vital forces in the arrival of spring.

More details and information below in our live dedicated to this 318th day of war in Ukraine:

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