Belgium to take part in biggest military exercise since Cold War: “very important for our country”

Specifically, the mobilization of 90,000 troops on both sides of the Atlantic — including more than 450 Belgians — will, among other things, “test the alliance's ability to quickly mobilize and transport American troops to bolster Europe's defenses. The maneuvers, which will last months from the Atlantic to NATO's eastern flank, are unnamed,” according to the alliance's terminology. It takes the form of a conflict situation against an “enemy of comparable size”. That is, Russia, whose large-scale offensive in Ukraine began almost two years ago.

“A Clear Demonstration of Our Unity”

Some 50 warships, 80 aircraft and 1,100 combat vehicles will take part in the biggest exercise since “Reforger” in 1988, amid the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the Allies. STDE is divided into dozens of national and international exercises of various sizes.

“It will be a clear demonstration of our unity, our strength and our commitment to protect each other.”, two years after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, American General Christopher Cavalli was named Supreme Allied Commander in Europe (Saceur). Also, according to multiple military sources, the “resolute defender” is an attack launched by Russia that would trigger Article 5 of NATO's founding treaty, which states that it would be considered an attack against an ally. An attack against all.

“Most important training for our country”

According to Defense Minister Ludwigine Tedonder, the Belgian military will participate “Several hundred soldiers and Special Operations Squadron (SOR, an elite unit combining para-commandos and special forces) in the land, air and maritime domains as part of a US exercise in the Baltic states”.

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As part of the German exercise, a motorized company from the Land Component will be involved with F-16 fighter jets and a fighter jet – F931. Louise-Marie – The same warship again as part of a British exercise and as part of a Norwegian exercise, he answered a question from MP François de Smet during the plenary session of the chamber (challenge).

According to the Socialist Minister, this type of training is very important for our country, which, due to its strategic position as a transit nation, plays a major role in military operations in Europe.

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