Bad news for all those dreaming of Canada: the country is opting for radical change

Ottawa wants to reduce the number of temporary residents, students and workers to “5% over the next three years,” compared to the current 6.2% (2.5 million people), Immigration Minister Mark Miller said during a speech.

“Canada has seen a large increase in the number of temporary residents in recent years, whether it's an increase in international students, an increase in foreign workers filling job vacancies, or people fleeing wars and natural disasters,” he added.

Restrictions on temporary work permits for foreign workers come into effect from May 1.

This objective will be confirmed in the fall after consultation with Canadian provinces responsible for health and education.

Many of them, like Quebec, are increasingly opposed to welcoming immigrants, highlighting the context of a major housing crisis affecting the entire country.

The government's announcement comes a month after Canada decided to reinstate visas for Mexican nationals and two months after it imposed a cap on admissions to foreign students.

According to officials, the labor market is tighter than in recent years. The number of job vacancies fell 3.6% to 678,500 in the fourth quarter of 2023, marking the sixth consecutive quarter of decline compared to the record reached in the second quarter of 2022 (983,600).

“To ensure sustainable growth into the future, our temporary residency programs must reflect the needs and evolving demands of the labor market,” explained Mark Miller.

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