Russian journalist fired after making ‘barbaric and brutal comments’ on Ukraine

Anton Krassovski called for the massacre of Ukrainian children.

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RUsia Today (RT) has fired Russian journalist and anchor Anton Krasovsky for controversial comments including the drowning of Ukrainian children. “His words are barbaric and cruel”, argued Margarita Simonyan, one of the editors-in-chief of RT.

For months, Krasovsky, who is on the EU’s sanctions list, has been on air against Ukraine.

The scandal has been brewing since Krasovsky suggested in a broadcast that Ukrainian children who believed Ukraine was occupied by Russia should be thrown into a river and drowned or locked in huts and set on fire. He denied Ukraine’s right to exist, called for Ukrainians to be shot and downplayed rape.

Simonyan, for his part, speaks of “current madness” and made it clear that he and other Russia Today contributors do not share this view.

Krasowski eventually said he regretted his comments, explaining that he “got carried away” at times during his broadcast.

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