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Zimbabwe's President Mnangagwa travels on one of the most expensive business jets in the world

Dal Kikin
February 27, 2019

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has come under fire for using expensive chartered flights at a time when the majority of Zimbabweans are wallowing in poverty.

Mnagagwa on Friday flew to Ethiopia for the African Union (AU) summit on a private jet.

He hired the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) - Boeing 767-200ER from Comlux, an aviation company that owns this aircraft, based in Zurich, Switzerland, with numerous hubs around the world.

This particular aircraft is based on the Caribbean island of Aruba and costs up to $ 50,000 per hour per flight.

The BBJ 767-200ER offers a unique and exclusive product to charter for Head of States, Royal families, and Business leaders. Suitable for up to 63 passengers and able to fly up to 15 hours non-stop, the aircraft allows the Principal and his Executives to travel in extreme comfort and privacy, while a spacious section at the back is dedicated for the entourage and delegation.

Let's take a look at the cabin layout and interiors of a luxury business jet for the president of one of the poorest countries in the African region.

The aircraft has a bedroom with a king-size bed, a bathroom with shower, two dining rooms, which are also small conference rooms or work rooms. In the back of the fuselage are two escorts, equipped for passengers, one with seats in the business, and the other with economy class premium.

An ordinary Boeing 767 for intercontinental lines or charters also receives over three hundred passengers, but this luxuriously equipped private jet accommodates a maximum of 63 people, who are cared for by five stewards and stewards, and can fly non-stop for fifteen hours.

The current catalog price of the latest aircraft of the latest version of the B 767 is 197 million dollars (which exceeds 165 million euros), the price of the used aircraft has been significantly reduced over the years.