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Gulfstream G500: Innovation Award For Setting New Safety Standards

Dal Kikin
February 8, 2019

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. received a 2019 Business Intelligence Group (BIG) Innovation Award for the advanced technology introduced on the high-performing Gulfstream G500. The Business Intelligence Group seeks out and rewards those with vision, creativity and persistence, all hallmarks found in the world's leading companies and individuals.

The G500 received an award for influencing travel around the world thanks to the introduction of Symmetry Flight Deck ™ and the safety improvements it brings to the business jets industry. Gulfstream's new innovations include proactive controls, the industry’s widest use of touchscreen technology, and Gulfstream’s third-generation advanced flight vision system. As a result, situational awareness improves, visibility improves, communication improves and a new level of security is achieved in the sky.

The new generation synthetic vision system improves pilots' situational awareness in conditions of poor visibility. An advanced infrared sensor increases the resolution of the system by 400%, and an improved camera design provides a wider field of view. The image of the synthetic vision system is projected onto a transparent retractable screen, which is in sight of the pilot. Gulfstream was the first aviation company specializing in business aviation to offer this third-generation synthetic vision system, and it is standard on the G500 equipment.

The experience of passengers in the cabin of the G500 is as useful for passengers as it is for the pilot. Gulfstream interior designers and industrial designers have come together to create new seats that are built on usability, comfort and aesthetics. Thanks to 100% fresh air, the quietest in the industry cabin and low cabin height, the G500 delivers passengers to their destination updated, lively and ready to go.

In addition to the BIG Innovation Award, the G500 received an award for Aviation Week 2017 Technology Award for active management and Flying's 2019 Editors' Choice award. The seats, designed by Gulfstream on the G500 and its sister ship, the G600, were awarded the international Yacht & Aviation 2018 award.

The newest aircraft Gulfstream G500 expands the boundaries of high-speed flights. The glider of the advanced design and powerful engines Pratt & Whitney Canada provide a range of 9630 km (5200 nautical miles) at a speed of Mach 0.85. Thanks to the non-stop flight range, the G500 connects such distant cities as Istanbul and Cape Town (South Africa), Los Angeles and London, San Francisco and Tokyo.

At a speed of Mach 0.85, this aircraft is ahead of all similar models in flight range. This is the only jet in its class, the incredible speed of which is combined with a significant range of flight - 8149 km (4400 nautical miles) at a speed of 0.90 Mach. In conditions of maximum speed, which is 0.925 Mach, G500 aircraft zips through the sky.

The designers did not sacrifice the payload for the sake of speed and range. The fully-fueled G500, carrying eight passengers and baggage, travels 9,630 km (5,200 nautical miles) at a speed of Mach 0.85. By doubling the payload, the G500 travels 9167 km (4950 nautical miles) without landing. This is enough for a flight from Los Angeles to London.

With a width of 7 feet 11 inches (2.41 meters) and a height of 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 meters), the Gulfstream G500 fuselage has optimal dimensions and shape to achieve the best speed and fuel efficiency among aircraft of the same class, while remaining quite roomy for accommodating 19 passengers.

The unique cross-sectional shape of the fuselage provides plenty of space for the elbows and shoulders of seated passengers, as well as a large margin of height for passengers moving through the cabin. Seats 27 inches wide (68.5 cm) are equipped with a retractable footrest, which guarantees a comfortable rest. Fixed meeting tables on the base provide a stable work surface and are height adjustable. Equipment for high-speed communications and entertainment allows you to use the salon as an office or a media room in the sky.

The impression of the trip - during the flight and upon arrival - depends on the situation in the cabin. 14 branded large panoramic windows of the new Gulfstream G500 guarantee a breathtaking view and fill the interior with natural light. Every two minutes the cabin is 100% filled with fresh air.

Gulfstream acoustics engineers designed a fairly quiet cabin, making it possible for passengers to communicate, without raising their voice, even during flight. The cabin pressure does not exceed a height of 1,478 meters (4,850 feet), even with a maximum height of the aircraft of 15,455 meters (51,000 feet). The combination of clean renewable air and low altitude in the cabin helps reduce the manifestations of the time zone syndrome; Passengers arrive at their destination more relaxed and active.

The attention to detail and the individual style of the G500 saloon help passengers achieve true bliss.

Choose from the best materials, such as hand-made rugs made from silk or cashmere, handmade leather, painted in any color found in nature, and wood veneer from any part of the world. Complement the decor with fine porcelain tableware, exquisite cutlery and crystal glasses, creating an atmosphere of elegance. Gulfstream designers will be happy to assist throughout the process of designing a new passenger cabin.

When planning a place for baggage is also given complete freedom. The G500 provides the best luggage capacity among airplanes of its class, containing folding racks and space that can be individually planned for storing golf clubs, ski equipment or inflated suitcases. Each seat in the cabin is also equipped with a built-in luggage rack.

The Gulfstream cabin equipment control system further enhances passenger comfort by allowing you to control lights, curtains on windows, air temperature and entertainment using touch screen devices from your seats.