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Embraer Lineage 1000E ultra luxurious concepts. Skyacht One. Gentlemen’s private jet

Dal Kikin
March 6, 2019

Explore these five innovative, luxurious design concepts that have been developed exclusively for the Lineage 1000E: the Kyoto Airship, Skyacht One, Skyranch One, Manhattan and Hollywood. With the luxury of the world’s finest yachts, the nautical has taken to flight in The Skyacht One™. Classic yet contemporary, imaginative and refined, exquisite in every detail.

What if a yacht could fly? - Experiential designer Eddie Sotto asks. “Why should handmade luxury only exist on your wrist, in an exotic car or on a yacht? With Skyacht™ One, ‘wow’ happens every time you see or touch something.”

Boarding the Skyacht One, passengers step onto a custom-designed Fiore Mariano carpet by Fornasetti and are greeted by the StarClock in the entry, inspired by an Arabic sextant and rendered in beautiful perspective marquetry.

The Skyacht One authentic in its expression of luxurious travel, with its meticulous Renaissance-style intarsia, the Astrolabio design of its vintage Fornasetti china service and Reidl crystal.

Surprises abound in details like seat and lighting controls, fashioned from brass, designed with illuminated jeweled knobs and levers rather than push buttons or touch-sensitive switches.

Similar to the most exclusive custom commissions throughout history, Skyacht One affords its owner a singular opportunity to express his or her individuality and taste in this inimitable masterpiece of aviation.

Dating back to the ancient Arabs, mapping the heavens has been the means by which travelers on land and sea have found their way.

Mahogany, pegged and inlaid, with custom brass fittings and hardware recall portable British campaign furniture. Chesterfield-inspired seating creates the ambience of an Old-World “gentlemen’s club in the sky.”

The Skyacht brings all the richness of handmade luxury to the Lineage 1000E.

Embraer Lineage 1000E ultra luxurious concepts. Kyoto Airship. Tradition of perfection